Thursday, 16 December 2010

Wikileaks and Julian Assange Dream

A dream I had in the early hours of Tuesday morning. In this dream, I had found an article in a copy of December 1980 Playboy magazine (I have an extensive Playboy collection) in which Julian Assange was being interviewed about the fact that he had been accused of extorsion and framed for money laundering (Julian Assange would've been 9 years old in 1980, but that didn't seem of consequence in the dream). He had been extradited to the US and was sitting on death row (I hope this wasn't a premonition?) Having found this article, I scanned it and posted it on Facebook (I have clearly been spending too much time on there if I'm dreaming about it!). I instantly got a facebook comment from Regan, who posted a link to a database of a ton of surveilance footage and photos of myself from when I had lived in London and travelled on London transport?

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