Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Deforestation in Tasmania Group Show

Running at The Collingwood Gallery until Thursday 16th April are my works on the theme "Deforestation in Tasmania". See below. All of the Original Art Badges are now SOLD.

Victorian Bushfire Benefit Exhibition

In March 2009 I participated in a Victorian Bushfire Benefit Group Exhibition at The McCulloch Gallery, Melbourne city. All door charges, bar proceeds and 33% of the sales went to the Bushfire Benefit Fund. Here are the works of which 1 was sold.

The Secret Life of The Love Song

My next show "The Secret Life of The Love Song" opened at The Greenwood Gallery, Melbourne on October 16, 2008. It featured the Nick Cave live drawings plus 2 new large canvases inspired by his lecture about the melancholy nature of the love song. These works were created during summer '08, whilst I was living aboard the Motor Torpedo Boat 219 on The Thames, ironically adjacent to Nick Cave's former wharf.

Nick Cave for Diesel Jeans

After making Live Drawings of the musician at the 'In Conversation With Nick Cave' sessions at The Melbourne Arts Centre, Diesel Jeans asked me to create a blog with Artist friend Caelum Rale about the experience, and to interview then Bad Seeds drummer Mick Harvey on the subject of Australian Identity. Here are the resulting works.

Amanda Palmer in The L.A Times with ukelele 'Slut'!

I sent Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls a pack of my R-Rated "Sluts" playing cards after she invited me to her show at The ICA in London last year. Here she is recently in The L.A Times with 'Quiff' in her uke. All of the packs of "Sluts" playing cards are now SOLD OUT!

"50 Bucks: Bring On The Sluts" opening, New York NY, USA

The "Sluts" tour culminated at Flux Factory in Queens, NYC. Sadly the building has since been knocked down for the MTA's new subway development, but I was honored to host one of the last shows in the fantastic space, right accross the East River from the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. Opening night saw a giant "Sluts" card game and the unveiling of Giant Call Girl which I painted on the wall.

"50 Bucks: Bring On The Sluts" opening, Portland OR, USA

Photos from opening night @ Valentines, Portland Oregon, with fellow exhibitors and fabulous hosts Olivia Edith Fuente and Sarah Gottesdeiner.

"50 Bucks: Bring On The Sluts" opening, London UK

The first stop of The Sluts tour was The Brick Lane Gallery in London in August 2008. It was a great night with many works selling from the tiny space and being replaced with new ones.

"50 Bucks: Bring On The Sluts" opening, Melbourne, Australia

The original solo exhibition "50 Bucks: Bring On The Sluts" opened in Melbourne on June 6, 2008. The walls were adorned with 350 works with the remainder being sold from the donated customised Pepsi vending machine. The machine was adjusted to vend artwork-in-a-bottle at $50 a pop. The show was a great success with over a quarter of the works being sold on opening night.