Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Opening night of "All Of The Places That I Have Lived" @ 19 Karen Gallery, Gold Coast, Australia

Opening night @ 19 Karen on Saturday 31st August, 2013. 

Finished Works for "All Of The Places That I Have Lived"

Here are the finished paintings for my latest solo exhibition: "All Of The Places That I Have Lived". The series is a collection of 30+ self portraits from birth to date, encapsulated within the frame work of every house, apartment, flat, studio, squat, houseboat and dwelling I have lived in my life thus far. Each work explores the effect of my living space upon myself and my development as an artist, forming a timeline of my life and art. The works are a study in nostalgia, exploring my sense up upheaval and displacement via moving house 17 times, in 8 or so towns/cities, across 2 continents.

"Rainbowspective" (The best of the last 5 years) @ Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris

Here are opening night photos from my giant retrospective show in Paris, June 6th 2013. Many family and friends hopped on the Eurostar from over the pond - and some flew all the way from Australia for what was my biggest exhibition so far - encompassing 180m2 and containing 5 years' worth of work. It took 4 days to hang over 2 stories, and endless patience from wonderful gallery assistant Anne-Sophie Deruaz. I even got my hair dyed rainbow for the occaision! The works were complemented by the beautiful light sculptures of Celine Wright.