Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Elephant Man (1980) Dream

My most vivid lucid dream yet, in which after becoming lucid, I escaped from captivity by climbing up 4 shelves and evaporating through a brick wall, freed my family, and led them outside into a daisy covered English garden with rays of morning sunlight shining down. "If I'm dreaming, I should be able to see my hands" I thought, and looked at them, dropping them to my sides, and looked at them a 2nd time. The light shone between my fingers in fragmented beams filled with diamonds and precious stones. As I moved my hands, I felt like I would be able to enter another space or dimension via the light beams. I was overcome with joy, but lost focus when I spotted a drunken, rambling Michael Caine at my feet. He kept begging to give me a kiss. Eventually I reluctantly offered my cheek, and awoke.

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