Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Announcing Sponsorship by Pilot Pens!

I am delighted to confirm my new partnership with Pilot Pens!

I have been using the Pilot G Tec C (UK), also known as the HiTec C (Japan), since around 2003 - here are some examples of very early linework (from 2003-2005) created with these pens!

I used to buy the G Tec C4 from Paperchase in the UK, in 6 basic colours: black, blue, purple, red, brown and green.

When I came to Australia in 2006, I panicked when I could not find a Pilot stockist who carried them, so I ordered online from the US and discovered that the pens came in more colours - adding yellow, orange, turquoise and pink to my pallette to make 10 colours.
But the big discovery came in 2008, when I came accross the stationary kiosk at Sydney's Kinokuniya Japanese Bookstore. Here, the lovely assistants introduced me to a veritable candylab of colous, and 4 diameter options. I had previously been working with just the 0.4 thickness, but found 0.5 and the thinner 0.3 and 0.25.

Here's some line work created with some of my lovely Japanese Pilot Hi-Tec C from Kinokuniya!

This week, the kind people at Pilot Australia sent me first batch of G Tec C / Hi-Tec C pens to try!

Not only did they send an array of my old favourites, but they also sent me the brand new 'Maica' range from Japan!

These pens are very similar to the original G Tec C / Hi Tec C range, but with a sturdier body and upon testing, they seem to have a smoother flow.

Pilot sent me 0.4 and 0.3 samples to try. I am creating an illustration for a temporary tattoo to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my French Agent, Marie Bastille, so this was the perfect opportunity to work with the new pens.

Finishing with old-school Pilot G Tec C4!

Completed line work for the tattoo design - now I just need to colour!