Saturday, 9 October 2010

Unsung Heroes - 1 more to go

Here is the next to last of my Unsung Heroes: Cookie Mueller. Cookie was an actress and Dreamlander: a member of Film Director John Waters regular cast and crew. She originated from Baltimore and spent the 60's in San Francisco, narrowly avoiding joining Charles Manson's Family. Upon returning home she featured in 4 of John Waters earlier films including cult classic "Pink Flamingos", before heading to New York to work as a go-go dancer and writer for Details Magazine and a health column called 'Ask Dr Mueller' for the East Village Eye. Cookie was a key player in the New York artistic community in the late 70s and early 80's, and like many of her friends, lost her life to AIDS. She featured in photographer Nan Goldin's "The Cookie Portfolio", a collection of 15 photos spanning 13 years; the penultimate of which features a devastated Cookie beside her husband Vittorio's coffin, and the final shot is of her in her own casket.

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